Eyewitness to Climate Change

“Eyewitness to Climate Change” is Will Steger’s vivid account of the changes that he has witnessed firsthand, caused by global warming pollutants, in Polar Regions over five decades of polar exploration. Steger shares stunning photographs from his expeditions along with compelling data, satellite imagery, and multimedia videos to document the deterioration in the polar ice caps. While the issue is critical, and the presentation is dramatic, Steger’s message is one of hope and empowerment. An understanding of our role in the causes and effects of climate change make this personal. But as Steger explains, solutions are readily available and by making economically and environmentally smart choices people can make a difference.

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Inside an Explorer’s Mind

“Inside an Explorer’s Mind” is an intimate account of Will Steger’s expedition thinking applied to any dream, challenge or situation. Drawn from his years as a world-renowned explorer, Steger demonstrates how expedition principles are relevant to any situation. From setting a lofty aim with clear intention; to pushing the cutting edge of danger, at the same time having every step calculated and thought through; to being keenly connected to and observing what the wilderness elements are offering as guidance; and finally, utilizing the power of concerted teamwork.

This presentation, integrated with stories from Steger’s expeditions, cuts at the heart of what many are yearning for in corporations and policy arenas—what can we learn from the experiences of leading journeys that the average person would deem impossible? A personal accounting of what it takes to keep a vision and dream alive, working together towards a common aim, and ultimately achieving the impossible.

Inside an Explorer’s Mind Video

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